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Willians de Abreu

Communication and brand planning, including business strategy, interactive advertising in the internet and new medias.

Digital Art Director


More serotonin and less nervous gastritis!

These were the brands that stimulated my dopamine levels in thirteen years working in the advertising market:

  • Chevrolet
  • HP
  • Vivo
  • Boticário
  • Honda
  • Centauro
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Sodexo
  • Fiat
  • Nextel
  • Carrefour
  • Telefônica Vivo
  • Teachers
  • Ambev

Extra dose of serotonin

I still seeing good things in a hostile world. > 500px.com/willpubli <



Fora Ricardo Teixeira - The First Movement of Virtual Brazilian Internet

The #ForaRicardoTeixeira besides becoming a jargon in social networks, on the streets and in football stadiums, seven months after the start of the movement culminated in the resignation of this God Father of the Brazilian football, recognized worldwide and at that time already former president of the CBF. It was not long, and the buzz generated by the network made thousands of people in Brazil and in the world to be engaged in the cause, musicians, journalists, artists, athletes, celebrities and more than four million Brazilians reached through the official channels of the movement, it made that the theme became into discussion within and outside the country, being quoted in various newspapers including The New York Times, among others. With the success of the movement came the Twitter first censorship case, later confirmed by media channels, where mysteriously the hashtag #FORARICARDOTEIXEIRA who had remained for 18 hours in the Trending Topics Mundial, was arbitrarily removed from the tool list on SPAM condition.


My Style by Tennis - Show your world, inspire people

"My Style By Tennis" was authentic, innovative, modern, and also a filter trends among target audiences, joining tennis enthusiasts from different tribes. Gather all this led the BRAND to an approximation of its audience, creating a dialogue, an identity and consequently a great visibility of BY TENNIS in the domestic market.

URL meu estilo by tennis

First Interactive Advertising film on youtube

In June 2008, in the same day that was launched the new feature "annotations" from YouTube has emerged as an opportunity to create the first interactive advertising film through video platform for Centauro brand. The film follows the same principle of Digital TV in which the consumer clicks on the desired product in institutional and is automatically directed to the retail trade where they can check out offers and then make purchases through the site. The action generated a buzz within and outside the country, receiving over 15,000 viewers in the first 24 hours, something quite remarkable at the time, when it began the first discussions about "viral videos" in the tool.

Chevrolet Flexpedition - A Tour of GM's Future

The creation of the first digital social network of Chevrolet in Brazil used the Ning.com platform, also culminating in the first action of Social Media brand among Brazilians. In it, expeditionary were posting updated information of the project, addressing the themes "Technology and Sustainability". The Internet users created a profile that could interact with posts, photos, links, and customization of the cars of the expedition, and also the Virtual Tour by GM plants. Moreover, the “Chevrolet Flexpedition” was featured in Latin America to promote a tour of GM's Future ", which aimed to show the journalists and expeditionary bloggers from different regions of Brazil, everyday actions and projects that express the commitment of GM to sustainability.

Cubo de Conteúdo - Streaming on Web Social TV

Telefônica|Vivo presented at Campus Party 2012 the Social Web Brazilian TV, platform created allowing real-time interaction with streaming content, where users could collaborate with videos, photos, audio and comments. The space received personalities from the digital world and staged debates, lectures and activities about what was going on in the web - all streamed over the Web via streaming Social TV. In the channel, users participated via Twitter, sending videos, pictures, audios and comments related to the subject of the interview, with the hashtag #CubodeConteudo. The action shook the area "free" of #Cparty, becoming prominent in various blogs, newspapers and especially among netizens in Brazil.

Nextel Pass


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